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On Dreamwidth Only Now

So I accepted the terms of service here just long enough to leave a post saying I'm only on Dreamwidth now and do not plan to cross post here at all.  If you want to see my posts, please add me on dreamwidth.
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Why I Love Steven Universe

I wore my Steven Universe shirt and I've had so many people stop me and say "nice shirt"! Even G's teacher liked it and talked about how much she likes the show.

The show has also been in the news a lot lately.  Rebecca Sugar, the show's creator, came out recently and had this to say about the show. It's so amazing, I had to share it somewhere (and it does seem to be all over the internet). I took the quotes from this article from LA Times.

“These themes have so much to do with who you are. There is an idea that these are themes that should not be shared with kids but everyone shares stories about love and attraction with kids. So many stories for kids are about love.

“It really makes a difference to hear stories about how someone like you can be loved. And if you don’t hear those stories, it will change who you are.

Collapse )At any rate, it was nice today to see there are people who share my love of this show. :) This entry was originally posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
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Officially licensed comic for Stargate Season 6

Anyone else heard about this comic for season 6 of Stargate Atlantis?  I heard it was funded through kickstarter and is done by professional writers and illustrators that have worked on other comics.  It's put out by American Mythology Comics and the comics are apparently available in comic book stores.

How did I miss this?

Does anyone know if it is any good?

Apparently they have only come out with two issues so far as this is a new project.  I really was highly disappointed with the Fandemonium books so I'm hoping these are better for my tastes. 
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It worked :)

I am impressed at how well my daughter's book came out!   She is so excited that it worked.

It feels like quality and the color printing is better than on the ones I printed at a local copier.  The cover feels nice.  I can't believe I can get lots of author copies for cheap.  I sense lots of gifts for family.

She is excited to see it listed on Amazon as a "real" book.

Link to the book on Amazon.

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My kid's story

 So my 6-year-old wrote a story.  This isn't her first time.  She's been writing since she was 3 and loves to hand out her books to teachers, friends, and anyone she can convince to read them.  Recently, she decided she wanted to to do a lemonade, book, and cookie stand where she could sell her books.  She did the same last year and made a chunk of cash so I was happy to support her in this endeavor.

Next came this conversation:

G: Why can't I get my book in a real store?

Me: It's a lot harder to do. It takes time.  Maybe when you're older you can do that.

G: I want my book in a store.

Me: I understand.

So I thought about it and I realized this is the age of indie publishing.  Yes, she is 6.  Yes, her book reads like it was written by a child.  Yes, her art is still developing (though better than my own at this point).  However, what's stopping me from putting her book up on Amazon and sending a few copies to family?  It's true she wouldn't sell any copies aside than a few to friends, but that's not really the point.  The point is that we could go on Amazon, search for her book's isbn, and purchase the book just as if it were in a real bookstore.  It's fairly low cost with lots of gain.

So after some contemplation, I decided to try it out. We'll get her proof in a few weeks. Meanwhile, she is bouncing off the walls because she has written a "real" book that is available for sale.

Through all of this she has learned to type on a computer, edit, match illustrations to her story, and much more.  She's gained lots of confidence and pride in her work.

She's also told me that she never plans to stop writing books.  Needless to say, I'm excited, too.

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Honor and Consequences by Tazmy

I couldn't handle one of the episodes in the Musketeers so I had to write an episode tag.  In many ways it is a nod to the books where similar-ish events happen.  Here I connect them.

Title: Honor and Consequences
Author: Tazmy
Description:  Episode tag to "Prisoner of War".  Athos insulted the king and his law.  There must be consequences but his friends' have his back.

Locations to read:


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More Musketeers

The second half of season three of The Musketeers is so much better than the rest of the series! There is so much more action, a lot less "story of the week" with lots of white washing history, and less poorly written bad guys. Grimaud proves himself a great villain for the series and we get to see the characters really shine in their roles.

I'm so sad this is all there is. One more episode and I won't have more of these musketeers to keep me happy. I'll have to go back and read the books, I suppose.
For all the good, however, there are some easy outs the authors take that really drive me nuts.

Case in point: the episode Prisoner of War. Collapse )

At the very least, I want to see something. I get there's only so much time to delve into this stuff but it makes the whole episode fall flat without. Seriously, the captain of the musketeers just shouted before a crowd of people, the red guard, and other musketeers to "damn the law" while rescuing a prisoner without orders to do so. That can't go unchecked!

I haven't written fanfiction in a while, but I am sorely tempted to write this... Unfortunately I have to write my article today on abacus games and then work on my other stories for my business. Adulting sucks sometime

If anyone out there watched this show and wants to write me a tag to this episode, I'd be very excited.

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 Anyone here still watching the Musketeers?  I'm half way through season 3 and I'm starting to really get into it now. 

The writing is improving and the stakes are raising.  I love the characters more each episode and I'm excited that they seem to be heading toward the Fronde (civil wars before the revolution).  I love how each of the Musketeers are starting to question which side they are on.  

In the books, Athos and Aramis choose to fight with the Fronde while Porthos and D'Aratagnan fight for the king.  It comes together when the boy king is kidnapped by the Fronde.  They discover they are on different sides during a fight.  They come together in a meeting to discuss it and it almost breaks out in more fighting.  Athos brings them together saying they may work for different sides but they are friends until the end.  It's one of my favorite scenes in Twenty Years After.  I may have to go read it right away! Yup, just read it again from my very old version of the book:
Collapse )

I can't express how much I love that scene.

I don't think they'll do this at all in the series.  If anything, they seem to be working to have D'Artagnan and Athos work with the Fronde but I don't think there will be infighting among the Musketeers.  
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Yes, I am mad

My daughter has been dreaming of ninja warrior classes since she was 2.  So imagine my excitement when I find out the local gym is going to offer ninja warrior classes to kids her age.  Imagine my disappointment when I'm told "They're for boys only at this time." 

Worst of all: Having to tell my daughter that she can't take the class because she's a girl.

She asks, "Why does it matter?"

I tell her, "It shouldn't."

The next day she writes a story of the Easter Bunny.  She writes, " she, because the Easter Bunny was a she, could hide the eggs..."  

Next day she asks how ketchup got on the potty.  Then she wants to know why women bleed from their vaginas and isn't it a problem because they can't wear band-aids.  What's up with boys not having the same issue?

So here I am with my 5.5 year-old thinking she's far too observant and I'm not really ready to have these conversations, but maybe having them earlier is better after all.  I love seeing that her instinct is to fight the status quo rather than accept less simply because others say she should.

At the shoe shop, she finds space shoes and wants them in her size.  The shoe clerk shows her pink flower shoes in her size instead.  She politely explains that she really wants the planets and rockets on the shoe.  The shoes are too wide for her but the right length.  She finds a pair of pink shoes instead that will suffice, not really understanding why the pink shoes are narrower than all of the space-themed shoes.  The clerk apologizes to her and tells her how great it is to love science at her age.

The gym has promised a ninja warrior class for girls in the fall.  One of my kid's friends is hoping to join with us. My kid is excited but she still doesn't understand why she has to wait.  Honestly?  Neither do I.

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UK censors Steven Universe

Sadly, Cartoon Network in the UK is censoring Steven Universe.

The last episode of Steven Universe was beautiful and amazing.  My husband would argue the gems are aliens that all have the same gender so referring to them as women or as having a lesbian relationship isn't even accurate.  He's right.  However, I think it shouldn't matter.  The series chooses to show the relationships as a matter of course and nothing about the plot cares whether or not they are lesbian relationships or not lesbian relationships.   It's not like they're showing any part of those relationships that shouldn't be in a cartoon.

Apparently the Cartoon Nework in the UK censored the last episode because of some dancing and lesbian undertones.  *headdesk*  This is 2016 isn't it?  Why does it matter if there is dancing between two women? Is it because children will see the show?  What exactly are people afraid children will take away from the episode?    It's ridiculous.

\\end rant

I suppose this is as good a time as any to remind you that this show is awesome.

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